The Barn

Life is sweet, but love the sweeter still

Step into a world of timeless elegance and rustic romance with The Barn, where wedding dreams come to life amidst picturesque charm and cherished moments

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Introducing The Barn at Ballyness Resort.

The Barn dining area will inspire and delight as you both embrace and everyone cheers, this beautiful scene complemented entirely by the mighty and breath taking Benbradagh mountain rising mighty behind you! The perfect symbol of strength and timelessness.

This is an absolutely magical moment and precious feeling! It’s at this moment that the energy of Ballyness becomes clear to all, and the heart of everything you’ve worked towards that brings you to this point expresses itself powerfully & beautifully.

The Barn offers you the most beautiful location to make a toast in front of loved ones! The space has a capacity of 200+ guests. A beautiful space designed for magical moments that will last forever!


The Barn at Ballyness meets every need when it comes to choosing your perfect dining experience


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